Breeding Season [v Alpha 7.1]

Should you enjoyed playing games such as FarmVille or PetVille if they're favored but always desired to view additional hentai content inside the game -"Breeding season" - is exactly what you want! You will take manage over a mall household biz which turnes out to be some kind of plantation. However, when you arrive at the area you will soon recognize that people who work here are not only colorific but also very unusual and that breeding here has the goal of producing a ultimate orgy addicted monster. Therefore, in the event that you aready to attempt yourself in thsi new area of activity then activate all of the managment skills you have and try to create a smuch many on selling creatures as you can! Humor, fine graphic and complicated gameplay using alot of erotic as well as anime porn alements is that which await you in this game. Play now »