EuroVision? No, it's SexoVision! Yet let us be honest - it has commenced with only 1 admirer of the famed singing contest who wished to have about the true EuroVision showcase up to now and did it till he had been stopped by particular persons who required particular services out of him in exchange for sure allowance... and since it all suddenly got too catchy to explain lets just say that on the path EuroVision our guy got a ton more joy and hump than that he was expecting to! However, lets leave the narrative to people who can actually play the game without ruining the twists and surprises, will we? In terms of the gameplay then it's fairly simple interactive venture which hardly will provide you with any challenges because it had been created for the kinky themed amusement purposes only. Play now »

The Mad Professor

We don't know whether to call Professor Adam the mad or genius of the tale, but we do know that he has made significant discoveries throughout the years within his lab. The amazing discovery we're talking about is a very special liquid that has the ability... to stop time! Sounds crazy, right? Professor Adam's plan to use the liquid to fuck all the hot women he'd like to fuck is just as insane. It's not that crazy and you would probably do exactly the same thing if were in his shoes? Anyways in this game you'll get to the same place, so it's your turn from now - show the power of science to the world! Play now »