Meet’N’Fuck: Secret Agent

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In this game you will learn a intriguing and fascinating story about Great America was rescued by one man. You are a secret agent. You arrived at the office to get an idea of ​​the fresh mission. So, the professor of physics Emmett von Braun has been kidnapped. Based on intelligence, he developed a new type of weapon which can ruin lots of people. A bunch of terrorists known as the Red Ghoul kidnaped him. You understand that portions of the device are situatedin Eastern European nations. You must go in search of parts of weapons that would not permit a bomb to be detonated by terrorists. So first you need to meet with a broker in Eastern Europe. Select the country where you're going. As an instance, it will be Russia. Natasha will be waiting for you there. To receive significant graces you must please her. To do this, you want to drink vodka, then fuck Natasha into her vagina. After that you'll find the info out. Then go to Europe to find out new info.

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