Tsunade in debt – Tsunade sucks Raikage’s…

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Being a gambler and drinker could bring fairly a great deal of troubles no matter who you are - the reduced ranking peasant of Konoha village or even the famed godaime mythical Tsunade! And in the event you always wanetd into knoe where this road will direct our favorite blonde cougar from one of the most famous anime series then you're welcomed to go after her experiences within this anime porn parody. As you know Tusnade is a gambler also seems like she wasn't so blessed with this fire lately and eventually she got herself into some severe debts that she is going to pay today... one way or the other. Ofcourse she's no enough currency so she will choose the"additional" way and this way will reveal Tsunade's 3rd facet - besides being hokage along with being a gambler you may notice exactly what a tart she can be!

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