Planet Of The Monkey Fuckers

The name of the game is"Planet Of The Monkey Fuckers" which sounds pretty similar to it is going to be ahentai parody about the famed"The Planet of the Apes"... and where's a manga porn parody you will find sexy blonde Charlie! The narrative starts with an auction of slavegirls and Charlie is definitley is your most important prize for today. However,the life on the planet has truend this way? For that you will have to play thru the game and discover out all the dirty secerts that has affected the history of human race! Or you may play it if you prefer jokey parodies. Or if you like porn games with blondes. Or if you prefer stories where you can decide on the way at which it goes . Or... might be you'll attempt it yourself already? And in the event you are going to enjoy it then go to our website at which you will discover a whole great deal of other games starring Charlie!

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In the realm of this game SexoVision! Is among the most well-liked events (yep, it's analog into our actual world EuroVision obviously). And everybody would like to get at least small piece of the stardom thsi event can supply... even though there aren't any dancing or singing abilities in any respect! But do not worry - from the area of anime porn games the other talents are having way higher price... In this game you'll following the adventures of three friends who think that they can become famous instead watching the showcase on the TV every year. Somehow they managed to find out the place where SexoVision! Is going to take place and they are actually making their way to the point. Sex and humor and colorful art fashion - something you won't want to miss!

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Candy Shop – Hot Ball

Girls and boys from candy store love to experiment to find new tastes for their candy. Today's experiment will bring sex scenes that are fine and devil girl.

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