PokerPool 4

Do you like poker, billiards, and hot hot blondes? And what will happen if these 3 items are all united? Get PokerPool 4 - the game of your dreams! Here you will need to win games to strip the hot blonde who encouraged a striptease before you. Game rules: you and your opponent go one by one. The winner is the one who creates the best hand, while the failure strips. If you have forgotten the principles, you can see them by clicking on the help button at the lower right corner of the display. There you may also customize the sound, depart the game or visit the next table. Make this blonde take off all of her clothes! You're given 5 balls and a red, and 52 cards are placed along the edges of the billiard table. You have to reach the yellow balls using the red one, along with also the yellowish balls need to get into the proper cards. Collect a combo of 5 cards stronger than your opponent's, and the girl will remove a piece of clothes! All you need is knowledge of poker combinations, a tiny dexterity of hands and much more luck!

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